Blogging is way harder than it looks. For most people, it is just writing and adding some pictures so the post itself is not boring and that’s pretty much it, but unless you have a blog or know of someone that does, people in general are not really aware of all the time and effort that goes behind every post.

The struggle

You need to think of the ideas or topics you want to write about, actually write and check that your ideas are expressed appropriately, take the pictures, edit them, make sure they fit with the topic.. there are a lot of things to take into account, so it is hard to find the time.

I have struggled with it myself, and let’s be real, I still struggle. I live alone and I work full-time, I try to cook for myself, keep the house clean, be social… it is hard. But I have found ways that help me keep myself on track and organised. If I am honest, now that I work it is way easier than when I studied, once I am out of work I am OUT. There are no projects or exams to study for, I have the rest of the day for myself, which is a great help.

I thought I would write this to help all of you out there who have been struggling to find the time or procrastinate too much about it, I FEEL YOU. 

Be organised

You really need to know when are you going to be posting or how many times a week at least to be able to organise on when to write & take pictures. Think how many tasks you have to do that week, and try to balance them with your job or degree if you have one. If you know one week you are going to be extremely busy, try to write more posts the week before to be able to match your schedule. Do not get this confused with multi tasking. Fulfil a task one by one, don’t try to write 4 posts in one hour while responding to emails and taking pictures. Take it tasks by task and you are going to be more productive, GET. IT .DONE!

Have a day or two a month where you just brainstorm a few ideas and when you are thinking on posting them. Find yourself a calendar and write them down so you don’t forget them, there is nothing as annoying as thinking of a great idea for a post and completely forgetting it after a while because you thought you would remember… and clearly didn’t.

Be handy

If you are aware that you may not have the time to go out and take pictures, think of topics that pictures can be taken from home. It is hard to always go out and have someone available to take pictures 24/7 unless you hire a photographer (not my case).

Usually, friends take my pictures so we always need to coordinate in order to create content. Have a photo shoot day and shoot pictures for 3 or 4 posts (or even more if you have time). Dedicate a whole day for pictures, so at least you have a good stack of them to choose from by the time you need to upload. 


As I have mentioned, there are a lot of tasks into one blog post so just make sure you are prioritising what needs to be done and when. If you don’t you’ll probably have half written posts that will go nowhere, I have been there, and it happens all the time. Since I started prioritising, life is way easier because I know what to do. Make a list of all the tasks you need to do and organise them the way that works better for you to get them done.


Sometimes when you are not inspired, you simply don’t write. That is completely fine, we all have had moments where we simply don’t know what to write about. Don’t give up, go for a walk, meet up with friends, talk to them and find out topics they may be interested in reading, maybe you find ideas? Also, if you have other friends that blog, you can just share visions and ideas and see if you can come up with something. 

Much love,