Travelling is great, you get to know different cities, countries, cultures… and that just gives us a broader view in everything in life. It opens up our mind and makes us grow as humans. I have been able to travel quiet a bit for being 22, and I thought it would be nice to create a little series where I share the top things to do in different cities, as a lot of people may not have the time to spend weeks in one place, and just have a few days. 

I thought it would be great to write the places I go to just in case any of you reading this right now needs some help trying to find the best places to visit in that particular destination. 

In this 24h post is going to be about Copenhagen. I am not there right now but I have visited it recently so maybe it is the way to start. One of the advantages of Copenhagen is that is not a super big city, and you have a lot of public transport to move around anyways. Let’s jump into it!

  • Nyhavn. I feel like a great way to start exploring the city is through the Nyhavn, this is one of the most famous canals and you will recognize it by its colorful houses that follow along the canal.  Right next to the canal, there’s the Charlottenborg Slot, which is currently a contemporary art museum (for those art lovers out there).


  • Strøget (from Østeryade until Volga street). If you follow the Nyhavn, you will eventually find the Strøget, which are peatonal streets that mix beautiful buildings with boutiques (for my shopping lovers out there). But all in all the buildings are absolutely incredible, and if you follow the not so busy streets, you will end up finding the heaven of restaurant as I called it. It’s a tiny little street full of restaurants (Italian, Mexican, Greek…), and all of their menus look delicious (I ended up in the Italian one, SO. GOOD.)
  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotec. I am a huge art lover, so every time I travel, I try to go to art museums (classic and neoclassic art sucker). The Carlsberg is absolutely stunning and if you love classic & neoclassical art, that will be your heaven. 


  • Christiansborg Slot. The current Danish parlament. The building speaks for itself, no words needed to describe it. 
christiansborg1_poto-finn-christoffersen             Picture: Visit Copenhagen
  • Kastellet. It is a fortress from the 17th century. It has a windmill, a church… It is absolutely beautiful You can walk around the gardens it has, and you get a stunning view from Copenhagen.
  • Mermaid. How could we forgot about one of the most famous emblems of Copenhagen. I have to be honest, it was difficult to actually find it, as it is pretty far away from the city center (I thought it would be near the Nyhavn tbh). Although you have to walk a bit (not if you are near Kastellet). Maybe you have to fight a bit with other tourist to get a nice picture of it, but it’s worth it.
den-lille-havfrue_0.jpg                   Picture: Visit Copenhagen

DISCLAIMER: Things to visit really depend on every person’s interest. I love art and architecture so when I visit a city, I focus a lot on cute streets with gorgeous buildings (even if the streets are full of shops), museums, and palaces. Maybe others will prefer theme parks, natural parks, just shops… so you can do whatever you feel suit your preferences better. I am not trying in any way, shape or form tell you wat you have to visit. This is just a recommendation.

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