Holidays are fun but before you actually go, there is the part of planning, which for some people, it is not that fun, me on the other side, I LOVE IT. I think there are a lot of aspects that come with choosing the right destination and sometimes that can be hard. How do we make sure the chosen one is the right decision?

Some may not care, but if I am spending my money to go somewhere, clearly i want everything to go as smooth as possible. I am well aware that some people may find this tips very obvious, but believe me, some people do not take into consideration this aspects and the trip ends up being a disaster. Anyway… here are my tips:

  • Keep in mind your budget. This one seems like an obvious one, but some people do not even take that into account. Just because the flights to a certain destination are cheap, doesn’t mean the actual place is. A very clear example is northern countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland. The flight is not even that expensive, which makes people think everything is going to be pretty cheap as well, but I think it is pretty well known that the way of life and salaries in such countries is way higher therefore, expenses such as accommodation, food & transport are balanced with that, AKA expensive.


  • How much time do you actually have. If you only have 3 or 4 days, consider destinations closer to you. Each to their own, if you want to travel to the other side of the world in 4 days it is up to you, but I believe the time you have already tells you what type of destination you should go for. I am from the European continent, for Asian countries, North & South America & Oceania, at least give it one or two weeks. You are going to be on long flights, different time zones and different cultures (some may shock you more than others) so it is easier to get used to them staying longer periods of time that everything happening in 3 days.


  • Who are you going with.┬áIf you go alone, you just need to take into account your preferences, but if you travel with more people, you have to consider the type of trip you are going to do and the interests of whoever you are going with. If someone hates nature and the destination and experiences are related to nature… clearly it won’t work out.


  • Keep in mind the seasons. Check when the best time to go is and also check when rain or drought season is, such an “obvious” aspect can either make or break your travel.


  • Research the place. Make sure the destination you are going you want to visit because you are interested in it, not because it is trendy. What do I mean by it? If you are looking for a relaxing by the beach kind of vacation, maybe you just look for a destination with a beach. You have to take into account what type of destination is it, is it famous for the drinking and party situation? Full of tourists? Loud? It’s like a wanting a romantic vacation by the beach without anyone else on site and you end up in Magaluf, to make an obvious example.


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