Holiday season is here which means probably a lot of you will go on little trips here and there and enjoy the sun, explore a new city or maybe just a road trip. I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to a few places growing up, which means throughout the years, I have discovered what products work best for me while travelling and what are the easiest to pack.

  • Lip Balm. Lips get dry so easily, at least mine do, and when I am on the plane, they do even more so I always have a lip balm around to make sure I am keeping them hydrated and nice.
  • Concealer. Although I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup on flights, I do like carrying around a concealer for when I land. I just quickly go to the bathroom and put it on to look more awake.
  • Perfume. I am obsessed with smelling good. I have always loved perfumes and scents so I always bring some perfume in a travel sized container just to spray here and there.


  • Moisturiser. I have oily skin, and again, on planes it just gets worse, kind of like my lips. I wear this moisturizer before my makeup but I also like wearing it by itself. My skin feels nice, soft and perfectly moisturized, just what I need!
  • Sleeping mask. This goes more for longer flights. I am one of those people that I can’t sleep properly if I am not in bed and it is pitch black. The slightest ray of sun wakes me up so I always have to bring a sleeping mask around when I want to make sure I am going to sleep (almost impossible because I have this irrational fear that if I close my eyes, the plane will fall, don’t ask).
  • Hand Cream. I feel like I always have hand cream with me. While traveling, you are always using your hands to pick up your carry on, things in between, and I always find myself having to put some hand sanitiser which dries them up. That is why I always travel with hand cream. I use the body shop coconut hand cream. It is the perfect size for travelling and on top of that it smells amazing!
  • Deodorant. Before I get on a flight and after I always like to put some extra deodorant, sometimes there are temperature changes on the plane, the airport… so I just want to make sure I smell good all the way.


  • Sun cream. If I know I am going to a country where it is most likely going to be sunny I always bring a mini SPF +50 sun cream with me. I know a lot of people don’t really care about it, but although being form a sunny country, the firsts days after winter, if I am not careful, I get burnt so easily. After that I am ok, but I have to be careful and of course, it is always good to put some sun cream on to protect yourself.




Much love,