The beauty of taking pictures in public, the looks and stares, the people talking and laughing at you, not the best situation to feel comfortable, is it? At this point I think everyone has been through it, and some people may be more or less comfortable with it. If I am being honest, I have reached a point in life where I don’t care. Want to look? Look. Want to laugh at me? Do it. Seriously, that will not keep me up at night. But it hasn’t always been like that!

When I first started with social media, I was extremely embarrassed of being in the middle of the street to take a picture, or in a restaurant. I felt so uncomfortable and awkward, and obviously, you could see that on the pictures. I was doing weird poses or smiles and seriously it was not worth it. Then I started to learn and apply the following tips and it really helped me (A LOT).

If you are from those who get uncomfortable, worry not! Here are some of my tips that I have gathered, before I reached my current “I don’t care” mood.

  • Think of the outcome. Either if it for your social media, blog, or just to show your friends, think of the final result.
  • No one watches you most times. Yes, you will get a laugh here and there and a few stares from time to time, but from my experience, people don’t really care that much if you are taking pictures or not. Is more of a psychological situation, where you feel that people are looking at you constantly, when sometimes they are not.FUNNY STORY. I was in back home in Barcelona, the photographer for the day was my mum (most pictures are taken by her, no shame at all). ANYWAY, she was taking my pictures and I had a nice outfit on, and there was this group of Japanese tourists. A couple of them approached me asking for a picture and then more people from the group started to want pictures with me as well. They basically thought I was some type of celebrity because I was taking pictures on the street with a camera. Where was I going with that, you may ask? Worst case of being stared at, they may think you are some sort of influencer or celebrity, GOOD FOR YOU!


  • Shooting time. Obviously if you decide to shoot on peak hours, you are going to struggle more with getting a good shot, and also people staring. The more people there are, the more chances you have of you being stared at. If you are really shy with taking photos, make sure you schedule your shooting early morning or later in the day to make sure to get as little people around as you can. 
  • Narrow your view. When I have a lot of people around, I just narrow down my sight to the person taking the picture. I don’t look around, or to the sides (unless it’s for a pose), so it looks like I am just shooting with one person and no one is around. Again, a mind trick.


Hopefully these little tricks help you out the next time you need to take pictures

Much love,