As I mentioned in my last post, today I am going to share with you more practical aspects that you may be interested in if you are going to Poland for the first time. It was the first time I was going to Poland, so I had to do a bit of research on basic aspects like the currency exchange, transport and prices. Now you don´t have to do it if you go!


Although Poland is in the European Union, they do not use the Euro. Instead, they use the Polish Zloty, which to be fair, the coins look a bit like euro. The current change of the zloty is pretty low compared to currencies like the euro, pound or dollar, so that makes it extremely cheap for a lot of nationalities.


Euro (€) 1€ 4.26 zł
Pound (£) £1 4.77 zł
Dollar ($) $1 3.79 zł


Although there are trains and buses from and to the airport, I don´t think it is worth the hassle. The easiest option is the taxi, there are plenty of taxi option at the airport, but you can also call Baltic Taxis or MyTaxi, to mention a few apps. I mentioned this on my previous post but the train for us was a bit of a nightmare, the information was only in Polish and it was a bit confusing. So yes, they do have trains and buses, but the taxi will be easier, faster and not that expensive.

Going back to the airport from the city we decided to take a taxi instead, and it cost us 77zł which is £16 for 20 minutes approximately. Keep in mind we booked it for 3am as we had an early flight so we had to pay extra for the night time. In major cities you usually pay £40-50 for the taxi so only paying £16 for two people is pretty good. 



As it can be expected, eating and drinking is also cheap, like everything else. There are quite a few spots for traditional Polish food but I was surprised for the amount of Italian restaurants there were as well. We paid an average of 90zł per meal (£18.84) That counts two dishes per person and usually one or two drinks each. Beers went from 9zł to 13zł (£1.88 to £2.70) these prices were for actual pints. Tiskie (pronounced Tiskia, fun fact), it is a pretty popular Polish beer, was around 10zł (£2), it is a great option if you want to drink Polish beer as it is great and cheap.


Shops open and close at normal times as I like to say. I am originally from Barcelona where shops open from 10am until 9 or 10pm. Moving to the UK, one of the worst shocks were the opening times of the shops. How am I supposed to buy anything I may need for an emergency if I get out of work at 5pm and everything closes at either 5 or 6pm? Anyway, back to Poland, they also open to normal hours, that is from 9am until 10pm. There is a shopping mall called the forum where you have a lot of shops to choose from if you just want to take a break from visiting the city.

Supermarket wise, I did not see a big supermarket but I did see a lot of corner shops which were open 24h so they were great for little emergencies. 


Tap water is not drinkable so please do not do it unless you want a bad tummy during your stay. With my boyfriend we bought big bottles of water and just kept them in the fridge. Just keep in mind that if you are from places where you can actually drink water from the tap, Gdansk is not a place to do so. 

Much love,