I have been lucky enough to be able to travel quite a bit. My parents have always loved it and they have passed it down to me. Since I was very young, we would go to a new place every summer and it would be a nice getaway and great way to create memories with them.

Now I do it either by myself or my boyfriend. This year we decided to go to Gdansk, Poland. Why? Well, we both had always wanted to visit Poland, and secondly, Gdansk was the cheapest city to travel to from Belfast. We decided to take a risk and try it.

I don´t think a lot of people have heard about Gdansk, and to be honest, neither did I until I booked the flights. Something that surprised me a bit was although being mid June, there were not that many tourist, which was incredibly nice if I am completely honest.

We took of from Belfast on Wednesday at 8.30am and landed at 12.30pm. The first challenge we encountered as soon as we landed was how to get to the city center. we could have gone for the easy option and get a taxi straight into the city, but we knew the public transport was extremely cheap (two train tickets cost us 3.70 zlotys which is not even a pound). Taking the train was a serious mistake, we did not know exactly which one to take and there was no information in English so we were kind of acing it along the way. We also tried asking a few people but they did not speak English either so that didn’t help. Eventually we made it into the city center and it was seriously a relieve. 

Our Airbnb was at the end of the long market street, next to the Green Door (which we were expecting to be green but it was´t). It was such a good location, I totally recommend it. I will leave the link below! The yellow building was our Airbnb 🙂


The first day we really just explored a bit the surroundings of our Airbnb, we walked through the long market, we saw the Neptune Fountain as well as the Town Hall. We go lost on the little streets of the Old Town and eventually got to the jewelers street. Gdansk is considered the capital of collection of Baltic Amber, and you can see plenty of jewelers specialized on this rock. This street is full of little stops full of amber based jewelry and it is gorgeous.





On the second day we did more visiting, we started with the World War II museum, but I decided to not pictures of it for some respect. Obviously that period of time was extremely dark for humanity so for some respect to the victims I personally decided to not take pictures and really just be present and really take in everything I was seeing. I am personally very interested in the Second World War, I think it is important to know our past so it is not repeated in the future. There was a lot of cruelty during that period of time and if I am being honest, it was extremely scary to hear and see what people had to go through. The museum itself was so informative and very well displayed, I really think it is a must if you visit Gdansk. 

Next we went to St. Mary’s church. We thought it would be a good idea to go up the church tower to have an overview of the city, and it sounded great until we actually had to walk up those stairs. There are 430 stairs to get to the tower, and some of them are extremely tiny and spirally, so I did struggle to get to the top. That also made me realize how out of shape I am but that is another story. The views we were able to see, although not having the best weather that day, were really worth it.





The rest of the day and the following we just got lost in the city, we walked around, found some nice restaurants, tried Polish food & saw the sunset by the river. I think Gdansk is like a mixture of Amsterdam & Copenhagen, don´t ask me why but I get this mix from the buildings, the architecture style… it just reminded me of these places.





Gdansk is a very walkable city, you can get to the most important places within minutes walking and I really like that, we stayed in the city for 3 days and I think it is the perfect amount to see all the points of interest as well as getting lost and discovering the city and the culture along the way.

In this post I only talk about my experience and what I saw, but I am planning to write a post explaining more in depth about the cost, what public transport to take and restaurant recommendations as well. Stay tuned for that on Tuesday! 🙂

Acommodation: Airbnb

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