Barcelona born and I raised, and with my love for food, I often like to try new places and repeat on the ones that I adore. As I am missing home a little bit, I wanted to write about something related to Barcelona, so I came up with the post then. I have linked all the restaurants websites or addresses just in case you want to go. Here are a few of my favourite spots to go for food.

  • Poké. When I first heard about Poke, I was so intrigued. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a Hawaiian dish. Basically is diced raw fish with some sauce, but poke bowls also add rice and veggies of your choice. I usually get mine with rice, salmon and tuna (or spicy tuna), I also add some nori algae, carrot, cherry tomatoes, onion & avocado. For sauces I usually add the ponzu sauce which is a bit citric but still has the soy sauce (which I love). There are plenty of them but the one I usually go to because I love it is the one located in Casanova street.*Although the website is in Spanish, if you scroll down to the end, the address is just there.

  • Parallelo. It is not officially a food place, but a dessert spot. They make ice creams, but not your average ones, they have the weirdest tastes ever (Black Sesame). The last time I went there I tried the avocado ice cream and it was weird, but GOOD. They keep changing their flavours so you never know what you are going to find!

  • FAN Shoronpo. I have an obsession with Japanese food. It is my favourite and I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon. One of my favourite dishes is ramen, I had never tried it before I found out this place and seriously I didn’t what I was missing out on. The ramen is tasty and you have a lunch menu which you7 can choose either gyozas or makis as a starter, and it also includes a drink. It is so SO good, that since I started going there, I haven’t been able to eat ramen at any other places because nothing can compare, that’s how good it is.


  • Flax & Kale. It is the first Flexitarian restaurant in Barcelona. You are probably wondering, Carla, what in the world is a flexitarian restaurant? It is a plant-based diet, but unlike vagsn, they are able to eat some meat and animal products from time to time. In this restaurant specifically, most of the menu is plant based, although there are a fe fish options for those who want to eat some sort of meat.  I am not flexitarian but I love the food in there. The options are healthy and delicious!

  • Brunch & Cake. You have probably heard of it before. It is pretty popular on Instagram. It is still healthy but not AS healthy as Flax & Kale. One of my favourite things to get is their red velvet. Absolutely gorgeous.

Much love,