I personally find skin care very important and interesting, and recently I have been obsessed with trying new face masks and products, so I thought I would start this series of trying new face masks/strips and review them for you.

The product I am going to be reviewing today, as you have read in the title, is the Garner Skin Active Charcoal Strips. They can be used on your nose, chin and forehead. I have decided to try them on my nose, as I have a lot of pores. Of course, try on the area that it is best for you!

The product consists of four different strips in the packet, and it is advised that are not used more than twice a week. Basically with one pack you have two weeks worth of product. The price was £5.99, which I think it is a bit expensive, keeping in mind you only get 4 strips for that amount. 

Each strip come in this little plastic bag where you can find the instructions for the strips.  You need to use the strips on a clean canvas, so make sure your skin is clean from any makeup or dirt from being out throughout the day. Make sure you get the area where ou want to apply the strip all wet, dry your hands and then make sure the strip is nicely placed on the area. In my case with the nose, make sure you put the middle part first on top of the nose, and then work your way down, to make sure you are getting all the pores. 


Once you have applied the strip, you have to wait around 10 to 15 minutes for the strip to get all dry and tight. As time was passing by, I could feel the strip getting tighter and tighter. I have never tried a charcoal face mask or strip before, but I have heard they are a bit painful to take off as it really gets into your pores and cleans them out.

Lucky for me, taking the strip off was not as painful as I was expected, didn´t hurt at all!

The picture under is the final result, as you can see there are a bit of extractions on the strip but not that many. My nose was feeling a bit more clean but the top part of the nose where most of the pores are, there was not that big of a difference, if I am being completely honest. I do not think the product is worth the price, for the amount of strips there are, and for the final result. 

Much love,