Last night, one of the most prestigious fashion events took place in New York City. The MET Gala takes place every year on the first Monday in the month of May, and it’s a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute, although it also marks the start of the annual fashion exhibition in that same spot. Every year, a theme is chosen from which celebrities and designers get inspiration for the famous MET Gala outfits. 

This year’s theme is Camp: Notes on Fashion. Every year, designers go above and beyond to create the most originally and outrageous looks. A lot of people did not quite understand this year’s MET Gala theme so I feel like a lot of the outfits came as a surprise unlike last year with Heavenly Bodies where people were expecting loads of white, gold, crosses and jewels. This aspect has given the designers a lot more freedom while creating each piece and has definitely surprised the public. 

Some celebrities know how to rock the gala every year and are usually public’s favourites. This year, the celebrities and designers that caught my eye were:

  • Kim Kardashian. She wore Manfred Thierry Mugler. It is a stunning piece which I absolutely adore. The detail of the dress was stunning and the way the dangle was matched with hair nails is incredibly smart. The dress fit like a glove and you can appreciate Kim’s killing figure.
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Zendaya. The only word I can think of is WOW. She was giving us the Cinderella vibes, and the change of colour in the middle of the photo call was absolutely perfect. Her dress was created by Tommy Hilfiger and it is truly a masterpiece. Zendaya and her stylist, Law Roach, dressed as the fairy Godmother, were one of my favourite dynamic duos of the night. 
Image Courtesy Of Harper’s Bazaar
  • Serena Williams. She looked stunning with that Versace dress. The shape it was giving her, the colour mix and the overall look was stunning. The fact that she was wearing SNEAKERS that matched her dress was genius. She had her little touch of athleticism in the outfit and I am here for it. 
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Kylie & Kendall Jenner. You can like the Kardashian-Jenner clan more or less, but you can’t deny that they know how to stand out in the MET Gala. This year, the sisters decided to have complementing outfits. Kylie rocking a purple feather dress, while Kendall’s was orange, both from Versace
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Harry Styles. He opted for a black sheer shirt from Gucci. It was really simple but extremely beautiful and sophisticated. I would have to say it was one of my favourite outfits of the night for males. 
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Billy Porter. The Blonds really went all out designing this outfit. What an entrance and what an outfit. The gold wings, the head piece and generally the whole outfit… I was not expecting it and I absolutely loved it. 
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Doutzen Kroes. Her dress was so puffy and beautiful I don’t even know what to say about it. She looked like and absolute pink Goddess. The dress had a tutu style to it  with a long train at the back, contrasting with the short cut at the front. The designer of this gorgeous dress was Giambattista Valli Haute Couture.
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Naomi Campbell. Another pink Goddess of the night, this time wearing Valentino. Another feathered looked which she looked stunning in. The tights that looked lacy were absolutely stunning, putting the outfit together with the soft looking dress texture. A piece of art. 
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Ryan Murphy. Another one of my male favourites, he was giving us sea vibes with the oyster jewelled cape. The outfit was designed by Christian Siriano, and I personally really enjoyed it. Usually men go for quieter options and less outgoing so the fact that he went all out is extremely exciting. 
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Laverne Cox. Again, an outfit designed by Christian Siriano, she looked absolutely stunning. The shapes of the dress were beautiful and the train was elegant and chic.  Going for a less colourful option than a lot of celebrities, the dress really stood out for me anyway. 
Image Courtesy of British Vogue
  • Deepika Padukone. This gorgeous dress was created by Zac Posen. The details on the dress are incredible. The shape of it is giving us underwater vibes and the color perfectly matches with the pink carpet of the event. She looked gorgeous and sophisticated, and it was really


These were some of my favourites outfits from this year. Of course there are way more but I could literally write forever about my favourites. 

From my point of view, some celebrities were a bit weak on the outfits but all in all I really enjoyed this year’s MET Gala outfits. Let me know which were your favourites down below!

Much love,