I have heard a lot of things about the online shopping website I saw it first. I have also seen celebrities promote it and a few of my friends were saying how great it was, so I decided to give it a go. I usually like to shop at places like Misguided, PrettyLittleThing & ASOS, but I thought, why not get out of my comfort zone and try it?

I would like to say that the shipping was pretty fast, it took a total of four days, but unfortunately I have to say I was not impressed with what I received, I would have added pictures of me wearing each item but all f them were too sheer and flashy. I ordered 5 different items: a bralet, two bodysuits, a skirt and a sheer top.

Just so you have a better idea, the sizes I usually wear are as follow:

  • Height: 5’9
  • Tops: UK8 (EU36) or UK10 (EU38) depending on how tight they are
  • Bottom: UK8 (EU36) if high waisted / UK10 (EU38) if normal


Looking at it it was not awful, but I tried each item and here are my thoughts:

  • White Bralet. It was not that bad but you could tell the material was very cheap and see through. I bought it to use it under the sheer top I also bought from them but I was flashing everything, so that defeated the whole purpose of buying it. The straps were not adjustable which is not great as each girl has different measurements. I am naturally not a busty woman so I got the same size I usually get, an 8, my boobs were almost out of the bracelet so I do not recommend it.– Size: Too small but straps were too big
    – Texture: Soft but see through
    – Final Opinion: Not the worst but I do not recommend it



  • Black Sheer Bodysuit. When I saw the bodysuit online I fell in love with it so I had pretty high expectation of it. I had been looking for something similar for a while and when I saw it I knew I had to get it. Unfortunately, it is nothing like in the picture. The material of the bodysuit is not stretchy and the only way to get in is through your bottom, which means that if you are a pear shape like me, you are going to struggle to get the body part through your hips. The material was so itchy and my arms did not fit in the sleeves. My arms are not that big so the fact that they did not fit comfortably was a bit worrying as I got a size 10 to make sure it fit.– Size: Too big on the body 
    – Texture: Itchy and not stretchy
    – Final Opinion: Do not buy



  • White Skirt. My hopes were high with this one. I thought it was a pretty cute skirt with a ruffle at the front. And when it came it was´t the worst material, but I had one big problem, too short for me. Another problem was how see through it was. I was wearing a light colored underwear when I tried it on and you could still see it so to wear it and get no lines or sheer, you would have to go butt naked, which is not an option. It is a shame because the front looked really cute but then turning around it was, as I said, too short and see through.– Size: Perfect size (8)
    – Texture: A bit scratchy but not awful
    – Final Opinion: Do not recommend buying



  • Neon Bodysuit. I have always been a bit hesitant about wearing neon as I never knew if I could pull it off or not. When I placed the order, I finally got myself to  order some so again, I was really excited. The bodysuit itself was really cute, just one shoulder had a sleeve. Trying it on, I knew the problem straight away, you could see everything, again, see through problem. The rest was fine, it was a nice color, the style of it was nice, but you can see everything through it.– Size: Perfect size (8)
    – Texture: A bit scratchy
    – Final Opinion: Do not recommend buying



  • Sheer Floral Top. I had so many planned outfits for Instagram with this top. But it had sooooo many problems, for starters it was way too big, not flattering at all & it was made out of the scratchiest material ever. I have sensitive skin so I am very aware when a material is a bit weird because my skin goes itchy and uncomfortable straight away. It was just not comfortable or cute to wear.– Size: Size 8 but too big
    – Texture: AWFUL MATERIAL
    – Final Opinion: Do not even think about it


Overall, I am really gutted as I had really high expectations for all the products. I was not expecting them to be great quality for the price but I was hoping for them to look decent. Maybe it was just the products I chose but I am sure I will not be buying anything from them any time soon unfortunately. 

Much love,