My first week in Belfast was pretty hard. The weather was not great and it didn’t really help my sad mood. Now that a couple of weeks have gone by, I can say I am way better. I am starting to be comfortable in my new apartment and the city itself, I am starting to be aware of my surroundings and how to get to places, which is always good. My favourite part of all this has been the friend making part.

I have always been very friendly and social so talking to people is not my biggest struggle, but trusting them is. Lucky me, I have bumped into pretty awesome people that have adopted me into their little family.

The weather is what is being harder for me to get used to, but it is not as bad I was expecting, it does rain, but I believe is pretty unexpected. One moment rains, the next is sunny, the next is super windy, you never know. But last weekend was gorgeous, the sun was shining so a couple of friends and I went for a wee walk, ending up walking next to the river. We all love taking pictures so we decided to take a few snaps. Here are a few shots taken yesterday while we enjoyed some sunshine in the north.

Much love,