When people know I am moving to Belfast from Barcelona they always ask m: why do you want to move there? Barcelona has better weather why would you come? Well you will have to get used to the rain and the cold… I know it may be weird for some people, but sometimes it is nice to change cities, and it makes more sense if your boyfriend is in that city. It may be the case that I eventually move somewhere else, and I am completely fine with it, but for now, life has brought me to Belfast. 

Starting a life somewhere knew is nowhere close to being easy, have to find a new job, an apartment, friends… it is a difficult thing to do, so I want to share my new experiences on this blog. I am aware I have gone back and forth with this blog for about three or four years now, but it has been because I have never exactly known what to write about. Trying to fit in with what people expect bloggers to write about instead of writing what I wanted to really made an impact on my motivation, and that is something I am sure won’t happen again. 

So let me bring you back to the start. My name is Carla, I am 21 years old and I have just graduated from the University of Barcelona. I am currently living between Barcelona and Belfast until I find a new job and a place to live, and I actually love that. I get to have best of both worlds: my friends and family in Barcelona; and my friends and boyfriend in Belfast. 

I am the most hectic girl regarding fashion sense, I can be the most girly girl you have ever seen, or the biggest tomboy, it all depends on my mood, and guess what, I am COMPLETELY FINE WITH IT. I have a little obsession with dogs and makeup and I enjoy learning about photography and videography. I am a natural traveler but I am broke, not the best combination but I guess that makes me fly on a budget.

Join my life living as Simply Carla’s World.




Much love,