College season is back, summer has been great but now it’s time to go back to reality. I know it can be hard to keep yourself motivated and focused as I myself struggle (as you can see in the picture).Β 

Through the years I have learned some tips and tricks that definitely help me and that I want to share with you as they may help you too!

  1. Organization is key. I know it is hard to be organized for some people but with planners and to do lists you know what you have to do and for when so you see that goal. I am a very visual person so if I see what I need to do and how long I have for that, it really makes me step up my game to reach that goal.
  2. Enjoying it. It can be hard if it is for studying but also try to see the bright and positive side on everything. With studying how I plan it is, if I study a little bit each day before the test I won’t stress out, therefore be able to think more during the exam and eventually get my final goal which is to graduate with a good average.
  3. Aesthetic. For me this tip is so important because it’s the one that works the most for me. No matter what it is I always try to make it look nice and aesthetic so I am happy to see whatever I have to do or whatever is written to study. It’s way easier to remember things when they are well organized, clear and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As I have said I am very visual so it really helps me with studying and remembering what to do.
  4. Rewards. It’s very hard for me to stay motivated and intrigued with something for a long period of time, is just who I am so I try to reward myself with every good thing I do. Not massive shopping sprees every time I accomplish something but little things here and there to keep me on top of the game.
  5. Taking breaks. People think if you are aiming to do something you need to put a lot of hours and don’t stop until you get it and to be honest, I perform better when I take breaks in between, it makes me stay motivated and not lose focus of what I am working towards.



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