We are finally starting to get lower temperatures which is giving me early autumn vibes and I am all for it. During autumn, my skin needs extra care for the lower temperatures and I feel like I haven’t talked about my skin care or the products I use in previous posts so I thought it was about time to share the products that really have worked for me and have made a difference in my skin.

Just so you know, I have very oily skin and I have struggled with big pores and acne all my life. Although the acne wasn’t extremely bad, it was something it really made me insecure so the fact that these products have helped me maintain my skin looking nice and glowy is the reason why they are in my favorites. Before I forget, I had just done at the mask (I will talk about it in a little bit) before taking the pictures, that’s why I am makeup free and extra glowing.

  • Bioderma – Miscelar Water. I don’t even remember when I started using it to take my makeup off but it’s been a while anyway. It takes my makeup off so easily and leaves my skin glowing and extremely clean. I have tried different muscular waters from various brands and none have made the same result.


  • Bioderma – Sébium. This is the moisturizer I use before putting my makeup on. It really makes a difference with my pores and it helps with my oil control which makes my makeup not look greasy at all. Life saver.
  • Noviderm – Boréade. I have been using this face wash for at least 7-8 years. I used to wash my face in the morning while I was taking my shower. And at night right after I took my makeup off. Now I only use it at night-time and it helps clean whatever rest of makeup that may be and all the dirt on my face that I have acquired during the day.


  • Sesderma – Salises Facial. It is also a moisturizer but in a gel texture. When I have breakouts or larger pores than usual I use this one as the formula is a bit stronger and with the texture being gel, it makes my skin feel fresher and tighter.
  • Sephora – Green Tea Mask. I have started using this masks pretty recently. I was not very keen on masks, I don’t really know why but I was never a fan. I started using this one just because I was feeling my face being more oily than it usually is so I decided to try it and OMG, leaves my skin glowing but not in an oily way, the typical glow that you see someone and you are like “damn, this girl glowing”, the healthy glow as I call it. I really recommend it if you have oily skin and you want to ratify a bit the oils.


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