Social media is a great part of our lives, we are either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and I feel like sometimes, at least in my case, I kinda forget of being present. I have to constantly check what is going on, what pictures are being posted, being stressed because I don’t have pictures to post… until I reached a point where I just thought, what am I doing? Why am I even stressed about, literally a picture? So I realized I needed a social media break, and just enjoy the little things in life.

After just a day, I already felt better. I was not comparing every single thing I was doing, the outfits, food, travels, activities… I was just doing what I wanted because I wanted, no pressure at all. A couple of days went by and I could already notice a huge difference on my attitude, I was way more chilled out, happier, basically enjoying life.

In a way I went back to the start when I didn’t have social media. I spent my time doing facials, went back to writing in my journal and expressing myself, I organized my room, I took more time preparing nicer meals because I wasn’t in a rush, took a lot of walks and met more people. Not being constantly on my phone made me realize how much time I was wasting with it. I am not saying social media is bad, but I do believe it is something that can become very addicting, and that we need to realize that everything we post or see is the best part of someone’s life, we do not see what is truly going in their life, so we should not pressure ourselves into looking a certain way, buying or doing certain things just because one Instagram model did it. 

This break has really helped me to relax and get that unexplainable stress of constantly checking things on my phone away, so I encourage everyone to not quit social media, but to be more present, be with your friends, go to restaurants without taking pictures of your food and just eat and enjoy. 




  1. I’ve definitely been caught up in the past about keeping on top of Instagram, and while I still enjoy having a mindless scroll, I care about it a bit less and don’t post half as regularly as I used to. I don’t even gut too bummed out if I have a night out but don’t manage to get a nice picture haha – I totally get what you’re saying, taking a step back from all social media is so necessary sometimes xx

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    1. I am glad to hear I am not the only one. I used to stress out so much about not having a picture to post and how it would destroy my following and all of that and now I kinda look at it as something fun, I do like taking pictures and post them but it is not worth the stress 🙂

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