I can’t believe I’ve been in London for 3 days already! Time has gone by so fast, you don’t even know!

Today I have finally seen the Tower Bridge, it was absolutely amazing. A lot of people were telling me to go to London bridge so I was expecting a Tower Bridge part 2… London Bridge is not even that amazing, is just a bridge, nothing over the top.


After this tiny dissapointment, I’ve decided to just walk. I wanted to also visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, and that’s exactly where I’ve ended up. Sometimes when you are not actually all stressed to find all the touristy monuments, that’s when you find them. The cathedral was absolutely gorgeous, I don’t believe in enything, but I’ve always found cathedrals and churches really interesting.


It was around 11:30am already, so I’ve decided to go to Camden, and have a look at the market (and obviously the food market, I mean, it’s food like, how can you ignore it?) After a long tube ride, I’ve arrived to Camden! It has been a huge struggle for me as I liked every single thing in the market but I’ve been a grown up woman and I’ve only bought two things (one of them being a bag because mine has broken just at that moment, WHAT A COINCIDENCE).

For lunch I’ve had one of the best Thai noodles of my life. They were soooooo spicy, like you can’t even imagine, but they were SO GOOD! After that, i’ve decided that I deserves a desert as I was containing myself from buying the whole market, so I’ve bought a super nice Nutella, Banana and Whipped cream Crêpe. That was absolutely heaven for my mouth.





When I’ve finished, it was almost 3pm so I’ve decided to go back to the hostel to relax a bit BUT. I’ve found the Baker Street station sign so I’ve had a little debate with myself, should I go visit Sherlock’s home? YES. So let’s just say I’ve changed my route, to Sherlock’s house we go!



After that, then I’ve decided to go back to the hostel, relax, and get ready for WICKED AT WEST END! (My musical lover me is still fangirling over it).


I was looking at my London guide, and there was a page that said “cinema & theater in London”. Me knowing that West End is pretty expensive, I decided to just skip that page. Lucky me! My mum was like “why don’t you just look at the website and see which musicals are on? Even if you don’t go!”

That’s exactly what I did. Went in the West End website and the first thing I saw was:


I seriously thought that was a lie but I cliked and IT WAS REAL. I literally clicked on the buy tickets button as fast as I could. And that my friends is how I got my ticket.

Moral of the story: always listen to your mum and also check the musicals because you never know.

After this tiny break, let me continue with my day.

WICKED HAS BEEN AMAZING. LIKE EVEN BETTER THAN AMAZING. I can’t describe it with words to be honest, it has left me speechless. The thing is that the Elphaba performing was the one and only Willemijn Verkaik. Those of you who don’t know who she is, she is one of the BEST Elphabas of all time!!!!


It’s been an amazing day and I am NOT looking forward to going back home tomorrow…

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