Today was my second day in London! I’ve literally woken up at 10am… I was planning on waking up early and going to see the guard change at Buckingham Palace…

Anyways, after getting ready, I’ve decided to go to Buckingham Palace anyways, when I’ve arrived THE GUARD CHANGE WAS STARTING! I seriously couldn’t have arrived at a better time!



After that, I’ve just gone straight into St. James Park. I’ve walked around, stare at the ducks… and obviously taking some pictures.


Then I was kinda confused let’s be real. There were too many streets so I’ve just figured that if I follow all the tourists, most likely is they will take me to Westminister and the Big Ben. And I was right!


Although it was pretty far… i’ve ended up deciding to go to the British Museum. I looooove museums and the collections they have here in London are absolutely amazing, I couldn’t miss that!

And then I’ve just decided to wander around a bit (Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street & Piccaddily Circus. I’ve also taken one of the most touristy pictures (aka phone booth pic) so here it is so you enjoy it too! 🙂


After that it was around 7 so I was starting to get hungry. I usually don’t like to spend a lot on food but I’ve chosen to treat myself. I’ve gone to an Italian restaurant and lucky for me, ALL COUPLES, NO SINGLE PEOPLE. Everybody was looking at me with the “aw she’s by herself, poor thing” face, but to be honest… I don’t care, the food was AMAZING.

More pictures:





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