After my finals, I thought I deserved a little bit of fun so I booked a flight to London! I am going by myself this time. I first went there when I was about 8 but I don’t remember much so I thought it would nice to go back and do some exploring.

I have also always wanted to start traveling solo so I feel like it is going to be a really good experience 🙂


I have woken up at 4.30am… I actually don’t mind waking up early when I have to travel, because I know it is going to be REALLY worth it.

We have landed at 8.30am, 30 minutes before the estimated time. After landing I’ve had to look for the train station (it was quite and adventure) and finally, I’ve arrived at Victoria station.

Let me tell you something. The tube is the most confusing thing ever. In the same station, up to 3 different lines can go through… it has taken me about 15 minutes to actually figure out where I had to go…

This first day I just wanted to explore the area where I was staying a little bit. I’ve spent the whole day wandering around Notting Hill. I’ve walked around Hyde Park, i’ve visited Kensington Palace… then I’ve decided to walk even more so I’ve decided to go to the Natural History Museum. It was pretty interesting to be honest! Then I’ve discovered a tiny little street which was full of restaurants, you could literally find any food there (indian, italian, french, chinese…).

As I was sitting down eating one of the best gelattos I’ve ever had, I was going through my London guide, and I’ve seen a place called “little Venice”. Long story short, I’ve ended up walking there! My feet were hurting soooo bad at this point, but the pain was worth it.

As I am a HUGE fan of the movie Notting Hill, obviously I needed to go to Portobello Market! I’ve tried to control myself and I haven’t bought anything BUT IT WAS TOO HARD. Also, I couldn’t stop staring at the colorful houses from there… after that it was 7 already so I’ve decided to go back to the hostel… I’ve just slept about 2 hours tonight so I AM DEAD.

Tomorrow I will try to wake up early and make the most out of my day!











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